Saturday, 5 January 2013

Art For Islam on Facebook


I’ve been thinking about this for quite some times but I kept on delaying this..

But Alhamdulillah, this year, I decided to create a facebook page for Art 4 Islam blog and littleMuslimah’s deviantart. Well, actually not exactly this year. I created the page since June 2012, but only this year, I decided to make it public.

Basically, the content would be still the same as on my blog and deviantart. But inshaAllah, instead of the arts and doodles, I’ll be also sharing anything that I think would be beneficial for all of us.  

Hope you’ll like it the way it is.. Hehe..

For those who are interested, you can like my page on facebook here:

Till then, see you there folks.  (^,~)



ahsfantasy Ryu said...

will be there :)

littleMuslimah said...

Jazakillah khair. barakallahulak :)