Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tutorial 1: How to Draw a Basic Hijabi Doodle Using Ms Paint


Assalamu'alaikum wbt.

Some of you had asked me how did I draw the doodles and asked me to teach them. They also asked me about the software that I use..

I use Ms Paint which I guess, it should be available in every laptop and PC. Then, I add the wording and edited the pictures using Microsoft Power Point. Though it is quite tiring, but it could give you a satisfying result if you're really focusing on what you are doing.

I don't use advance software like Adobe Photoshop because I don't have it. I've tried to search for free download on the internet, but I end up with downloading a virus! Ooopssie!!!
 This is how I draw my doodles.. You can always create your own doodle with your own style. Try not to follow 100%. Try to do something unique instead.

To create something different, all that you need is an imagination and lots of experiments and practices. 

If you are a muslim, try to make a doodle that could be a tool for the da'wah. Add some advices.. or maybe a Quran verse or an authentic hadith from Rasulullah saw.. Anything.. as long as it can benefit others.

Alright, let us jump into the real business!

Here is my first tutorial video uploaded on Youtube. Hope this will help you! inshaAllah..

Good luck! :)


qhalida amat said...

alhamdulillah, thanks for the tutorial.eheee..may allah bless you..i never thought you will draw it using paint which are already installed in our laptop. you are gifted by allah. ehee.i'm also trying to draw my doodle with paint because im afraid enough to download any painting software. eheee, thanks for the tutorial!

cikopiko said...

thanks for ur tutorial. it helps me a lot since i'm also trying hard to find free Adobe but got d'result just same like u. hahha.. i recently use gimp to draw, but now i found a more easier way to draw. Alhamdulillah,thank youu~ =)

littleMuslimah said...

qhalida amat & cikopoko - alhamdulillah. most welcome sisters. thanks for the du'a and may Allah bless you always.

about the painting/drawing software, i heard someone said that we can search for 'adobe photoshop portable'. but i haven't tried to download that one yet.