How to Place Order

To place your order, simply follow the steps below:

1. Browse our products and select items that you are interested. 

2. Carefully read our terms and conditions before placing your order.

3. Fill up the form provided or email this following details to
 (Please be sure that you note the code number of the items and all of the important information required):

Shipping address:
Contact number:
Product code and unit:

4. Wait for our confirmation reply through e-mail. We shall reply you within 48 hours, inshaAllah. If we don't reply within that hour, please do remind us.

5. Proceed with the payment accordingly within 3 days after our reply and e-mail the transaction details to:

Your order will be canceled automatically if we do not receive any payment within the duration.

6. After the payment has been made, wait for our confirmation e-mail once again. The shipping will be made twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday). 

Feel free to ask regarding the items. Send your enquiries to: 

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